Day 21- top five tv shows

How will I miss this one 🤣❤️?

Here is my list


I have seen some haters for this show and I don’t know what could be the reason! I have seen this entire 10 seasons like 5-6 times. And still watching it whenever I feel down! It will always make me feel lighter 😍❤️.

Grey’s Anatomy

I love this show for two reasons meredith and christina, meredith and derek. Both of which no longer exists and I still watch this show and catch up on the latest episodes whenever I can. It is definitely the most emotional series I have ever watched! Yeah ! It is annoying sometimes still I cant stop watching it.

Game of thrones

At first when my husband suggested watching this I refused completely for its too much adult version. Later during my first pregnancy we slowly started to watch this ( those who wants to judge me go ahead I don’t mind). I finished the 4 seasons during that time. After moving to US, we made sure we saw every episode the same day it aired and so we would make Jivin to go to bed as early as possible 🙈. Eagerly waiting for the finale season.

Boys over Flowers (korean )

The only Korean series I have ever watched. It is all cinematic kind of series. It felt good during the Time I watched it, Drooling over the main male lead and his love interest. Typical indian movie feel 😂😍🤣.

The Big bang theory

My favorite TV character ever is “Sheldon”. Oh! I definitely loved his role since I saw the first episode of the series. I am not following the series now. I think I have watched till 8-9 seasons. I want to catch up on his proposal and wedding ❤️. I wish they aired the series on Netflix.

Yes! Having access to Netflix, was the best thing for my sanity. Moving to a new country with a baby and knowing very minimal people around me, the only thing that saved me was the access ti Netflix account.


Day 17 – Top five blogs and reasons why you read them

Before being a mom, I read only blogs for recipes, it was padhuskitchen, sharmispassion, sailuskitchen for the starters. I preferred written receipts than the video ones as I never had that patience to watch videos. Once a Mom all I started reading was baby related and mom related stuff. I got introduced to many great mom bloggers. I really enjoy some of the blogs, I learn from some of them and I can relate myself with many of them. So, Here is the list of the top five blogs that I read regularly.

Littlefingersatwork by Melani:


I came across this blog through one of the Facebook groups. The blogger Melani Rayen is also the owner of the same group. When I started to follow her, she had a little boy almost the same age as Jivin. I was struggling with speech development for Jivin at one point,when I took early intervention for him. At that time the activities suggested for him by his special education teachers was more or less similar to the blogs and activities in her blogging pages and Facebook posts. I was very impressed with her blogs and since then I have been following her blogs/ instagram accounts religiously 😊.

LazyParent by Anjana :

URL : 

The first that comes to my mind when someone said her name is  “Babywearing”. Yes! I became a fan of hers through the baby wearing group. I loved seeing her cute little boy grow just as Jivin. I was so amazed by the fact that she has actually been a Radio jockey before this whole motherhood journey. Her way of parenting is so impressive. How she moved from Chennai to coimbatore to Theni and choosing to live away from the city impressed me a lot. She is now a mom of two, a boy and a girl, who are less than 2 years apart. I can relate to her on how I sometimes never feel like parenting or being an adult. Its always good to know that you are never alone.

Twin Cities Moms blogs:


This is blog has been my essential guide for surviving motherhood away from my country, my city and my place. This is a blogging site created and maintained by a group of moms who mostly belong to Minnesota (around the twin cities area). I don’t have an idea how I came across this group. May be when I was looking for local baby wearing groups I think I could have bumped into this one. But, I am so glad I did bump into this group. It is guide for me which says”How to mommy in Minnesota 😊😉?” They have different moms come up with various blog and really wide parenting topics. Recently the one where “How to prepare the toddler for the new baby?” gave me some hope of being a parent for the second time with a toddler. If you are in Minnesota, you must definitely follow them,

The Grace Log by Gracelyne:


How can I miss this mom who had inspired me to write my own blogs? Though we were college mates, motherhood was the something that brought us closer. She and her little munchkin “Z” who is 2.5 year old now are such a fun team. A successful mother/entrepreneur/IT professional what not. She wears so many hats at the same time. I am and always will be so impressed by the way of her parenting. Also, she gave me the opportunity to share my journey with Jivin on his speech therapy through her blog. Her guide on parent/baby products is a savior for the new moms. Please do follow her reviews on various products. She is also the co-owner of “AZtuckerbox”,  the subscription box for babies and kids and expecting moms too. She is the first one to bring this subscription boxes for clothes in India and that too in a very affordable prices.

TimesofAmma by Swetha:


If you are on Instagram/Facebook or on any other social mommy network, I’m pretty sure you must have heard of Timesofamma. This amazing mom of two kids, is an expat mom who found  a network of moms  and helping many expat moms like me through it. She not only shares her journey through her blogs but also various other moms stories and journeys. I love that how is she so proud of her roots, inspire of being an expat mom for almost 10 years now and tries to embrace it through her posts. She speaks her mind through her posts to every mom. Im following this month’s feature for Mother’s Day special, which is bringing out the stories of various moms. I always look forward to what her next post would be about.

So, Here is my list of blogs and bloggers whom I follow. This feels like a continuation of my yesterday’s post 😊. I really enjoyed sharing my favorites.


Day 16 – What (or who) inspires you?

This morning On my way to drop my husband at work, I was seeing a lady riding a bicycle and getting closer, it was someone I knew. She is working in a food joint even though her husband works in a IT company. She is just utilizing the opportunity she has got which thousands of woman in US are seeking for. I instantly felt so proud to have known her.

Now when I opened up to see my topic for day 16, All I could think was today’s morning event. That is it! Im inspired by that woman. She is strong, bold and independent. I am inspired by strong independent women. I have always been.

Let me start with my teachers of my school days. Though every teacher was an inspiration, the teacher whom I always admired and wanted to be liked was my Jyothi teacher (she was our Hindi teacher). She was straight, bold and strict. He principles inspired me a lot. Again going to my high school days, It was out Iris miss (physics teacher). I really loved being in her class.

When I joined worked, All my wonderful superiors whom I worked with different projects were ladies. Every single one strong working and taking care of the family kind of people. I just loved how they managed the work life balance. It was never easy on them to succeed on work while working having families at home. I loved working under the female leadership. I have learnt a lot from these ladies.

In such ways, Every time I think about people who has inspired me I can only think of women in my life that I have met, known and been along with. One of my greatest inspirations of all time is my grandmother. She is one hell of a iron lady according to me .

A Indian lady, born and brought up in Malaysia and Singapore, in a doctor family. When she came to India for a vacation,there was an unfortunate death in her family. It was her maternal uncle, she immediately had to get married to her cousin as per the elders wishes. She was 15 years old then. She managed to stay in family where her husband was the sole breadwinner with a mother in law and couple of sisters in law. A young girl, became a responsible lady and she made it through all the obstacles in her life. All her dreams got crushed at that very young age. She had no consent on her own life decisions. But she never gave up. She earned her driving license at the age of 65 ❤️. She still never ceases to learn. She tries every single thing she wants to do in spite of her age. May be if she hadn’t gone through such tough circumstances, I would have never got to admire such amazing women.

May be The reason I adore strong women is I grew up surrounded by these strong ladies. My mother though she seemed very calm and quiet, to me she was really strong raising two girls whom she always wanted to be strong unlike her. But she still doesn’t understand she is more than what she she thinks of herself. She cannot raise two amazing women(me and my sister) without herself being that amazing.

All the blogging mommas, I salute you guys. To me now writing a blog daily is so hard and don’t even ask about sharing it on social media. It takes lots of work and Courage to do while you are a stay at home mom. Every women I have met has inspired me in a way or the other.

This blog has nothing to do about feminism or women power. Its just that Im so much humbled and inspired by such strong women. From the women whom I used to admire from my tallest office, carrying her newborn baby and doing the construction work to the women who rock in highest position in their office everyone has been admired by me ❤️.

Day 15 – List Highs and Lows of the Last year

Without thinking for a moment, I could say the high was me finding out that I am pregnant. The first time or the second time, the feeling on seeing that 2 pink lines is the best feeling ever.

On the morning December 8th 2017, we (my husband and me) were nervous, sick, terrified. No! It had nothing to do with me finding out that I am pregnant. It was “Jivin”, the previous 2 weeks we were struggling with his decayed tooth. We went around every dentist in the city to look for options to remove his teeth without the option of sedation and OR (Operation Room).. I read and re read so many blogs on how an upper molar tooth decay can affect kid’s nervous system.It was a terrifying and dreadful period for us. Jivin was a month away from turning 3. It was  a lot difficult on Jivin. But  the way he bettered himself in each dental visits amazed us.

As, I was saying on the morning of December 8th 2017, we were observing our last chance. if that visit dint go as planned, we were left with the one option that we dreaded all along(surgical removal with anesthesia in an operating Room).  That morning we prayed to God to give our little guy all the strength in the world. We entered the dentist office, made Jivin comfortable with rhymes and stuff. We opted to wait outside as he panicked more on seeing us there. He was given laughing gas. After 5 minutes a nurse was walking towards us, me and my husband decided that they are coming to tell us that they couldn’t do it as Jivin was non cooperative and he is very small (which we heard in every dentist office for the past 2 weeks). To our surprise she said, “It’s done. He is doing good”.  That was a greatest relief for us. We were shocked and surprised. Of course, Jivin was scared and crying but the worst part was over for us.

That day, on our way back home I wanted to get him his favorite toy, he has been asking for ever “mcqueen car”. So My husband pulled over near a Target. I ran in to get the toy, then I remembered I needed to get the pregnancy test kit too. For the past 3-4 months, I kept getting the kit but was of no use. I was in a dilemma to buy or not. But I went ahead and got two. I thought I might need one the next month if not this month. Then once we were back at home, I comforted Jivin, had our lunch together , then sneaked myself into the bathroom.  I couldn’t wait till next morning to take the test, so I took immediately. I was absolutely nervous and just then came along that positive result. I called Tanej and showed him. We were too happy that day to believe that 2 good news could come along the same day. We told ourselves not at all to get excited and to keep calm, untill we got it confirmed with our first scan. Both of us were so excited but its just inside 😀.

So, That particular day was the day where I had my high and low on the exact same day.

Day 14 – What’s your morning routine?

Seriously! As I have already mentioned I’m not a morning person. Im not a yoga 🧘‍♂️ , Pilates , workout kind of person.All I do is wake up, brush, sprinkle some water on my face and start my day .

I have a routine that every mom can relate too. If my kid wakes up with me, I have to make him brush and go potty before I start off with my work. Then, Get into kitchen and start cooking breakfast and lunch simultaneously. While doing this, also answering my calls from the kid asking for his toys, to fix it while he breaks them and to play them with him. He might feel cold so I need to carry him. Husband man might be on office calls, So I need to keep the kid away from him. Also, need to feed the kid his breakfast while reading books or telling stories. He might need to poop while I am feeding him, which needs to be addressed. I need to be fed too, because else My sanity would be gone. Also, SURPRISE!!! IM NOT A COFFEE/TEA/MILK KINDA PERSON. I eat my food and drink water that’s it. Also, finish off  washing my vessels/Loading the dishwasher. Next Bath the kid who doesn’t wants to be bathed and then when he finally decides to, I need to negotiate terms with him whether or not to apply shampoo or soap or needs an oil bath or not. If I leave him for 5 mins in bath tub while I check something on the stove, He must have made a pool on my bathroom floor which needs to be cleaned. Then again on to terms with the kid on what shirt/pants he needs to wear. I would want winter clothes for summer and vice versa. Also, the prints, cartoons, character, color preferences should be addressed. Then, offer the kid a snack make him sit in his playroom while I go get a quick shower. Somewhere in between all these Husband must have left for work with the lunch I have packed. There are days where, I go drop my husband off at work when I need the car for running some of my errands. Then there goes the rest of the day, doing my own things.

And Hence this is how my day starts !

On weekends! I would want to sleep in but the kid will be wide awake at 6 am 🙈😣😂.

Day 13 – Whats inside your Fridge?

My Fridge is always full! I don’t care if its full still I go out to shop for groceries 🙈😉.

So, Here is how my fridge looks like


On the top shelf:

1st basket : Coconut water, shredded cheese packets, Tutty Fruity in colors.

2nd Basket: All seasonings (paprika, basil, oregano), corn starch, yeast packets, baking powder, baking soda

3rd Basket : yogurt tubes for Jivin, Cottage cheese(paneer), Spread Butter and unsalted butter.

2nd shelf:

Inside the basket : Lemons, limes, coriander leaves, mint leaves

Eggs, Butter, homemade curd, Jakfruit halwa, coconut

Bottom Shelf:

Milk, Blueberries, Strawberries, Idly/dosa batter, half cut cantaloupe, Half cut Honey dew melon.

Inside the tray : Tomatoes, Green chilles, Ginger , Curry leaves

Lots of vegetables in the bottom 2 trays Okra, Beans, Spinach, carrot, bell pepper.

On the door:


Garlic paste, Ginger paste, Heavy whipping cream, Maple syrup. Ketchup. Green chutney, Tamarind chutney, Soy Sauce. vinegar, Vanilla extract, Ranch salad dressing, chicken broth.

While writing this blog I understood, I Have lots of unwanted stuff In my fridge which needs to be cleaned 😅.


Day 12 – whats in my purse?

This title makes me little uncomfortable as I am a person who is very very private about my purse/handbag. According to me a girls purse is a very very private thing. I don’t like anyone looking into my purse. I hate when my husband/son dig into my bag searching for something. There is a specific order I arrange things in my purse and I hate messing it up.

So, Im not gonna post pictures of my purse/bag instead just give an overview of my stuff, which I currently carry with me when I step out.

  • Wallet
  • Keys
  • Lip balm
  • Hand cream
  • Wipes/tissues
  • Pieces or crumbs of snacks i carried months ago.
  • Stones/rocks ( which jivin had dropped when we were playing outdoors recently without my knowledge)
  • Pen and sticky notes
  • Hair brush
  • Umbrella
  • Few receipts from recent purchases.
  • A ziplock cover with cheerios
  • A biscuit packet
  • Water bottle

Some of these might not be there other days like non rainy season the umbrella goes out. The crumbs/stones/receipts will be cleaned up every week 😬🙈. So, this is what my bag looks like and this is gonna change entirely in 3-4 months as the new member makes his appearance in the family 😬🙄.